Blood Guilt : A Scrollon Comic coming soon

Blood Guilt is an episodic web comic that will be available exclusively on Scrollon. Blood Guilt is an alternate history western set mostly in Texas, a mostly lawless, no man’s land between two coasts controlled by Germany and Japan more than 20 years after the Allies were defeated in World War II. Our story picks up about five years after a failed New American Revolution and follows a lone rider who left his name behind as he set out on a journey to avenge the deaths of his family, wrongfully accused in a notorious massacre near the end of the revolution.

Blood Guilt is written and created by Jason Baumgardner and Aaron Kirk. Art will be Seth Haak with costumes designed by Catherine Baumgardner. It is being crafted to take advantage of the unique scrolling artwork format of Scrollon – a new app available in the Apple App Store for iOS devices created by filmmaker and artist, Doug Lefler.

Be looking for Blood Guilt sometime later in 2014!